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    Account Management

    We advise to always manage your advertising accounts. This can be done by you, by a third party or by us.
    Each company will have it's own management plan tailored to their accounts. The online advertising market changes literary every day, new advertiser join, old advertiser optimize or bigger budgets come in to play. To avoid losing the good results created until now and being able to keep growing into the right direction, management is key.  

    We have seen accounts that suddenly lost all online advertising exposure.

    This could have easily been avoided if the campaigns in the account were optimized. Frequent checks and good management was all that was missing. 

    Our benefits

    We are used to adapting to our clients. We do this to make the work relationship better.

    Support Management

    Choose the management support that fits best for you and your company. This is completely tailored because each client is unique.

    Plan of optimization

    Managing the advertisement means we need to have a clear plan what and when optimization is needed. This way we can keep costs down and avoid unnecessary spending.

    Will Account Management help my performance?

    Yes, we will frequently check if any changes have to be made for you to keep getting the best results. Keep in mind each company has tailored support, together we decide what fits best.

    We can tell from experience that if your account get's a Account Manager assigned by Google or Facebook that it's not always to 'just' help. They get assigned to upsell campaigns and create more spending in the account. They are also mostly temporary and only the very big companies get a permanent 'helpful' account manager.
    Now most people don't know this but we rather every knows this to make it fair.  

    Yes of course we would love to teach you this. This is a tailored option that could fit you. We plan the time and we teach you the tips and tricks.