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    When you just get started with Google Ads, it might seem overwhelming and a very complex program. Yes, there are many options and lots of knowledge is needed to use it correctly.
    In our opinion Google Ads is the best option for most companies and will get the best results long term. With this platform we have the most control and we have knowledge that others don't, for example how the auction works and what other advertisers do wrong. 

    Even the biggest brands in the world have marketers working for them,
    that miss key knowledge when it comes to advertising on Google.

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    Our benefits

    Xander’s experience in this field is vast. He gave support to many companies and a lot of marketing agencies who needed help with their Google Ads. 

    Support Management

    With Xander his guidance and management of the advertising campaigns, the best result that can be met, will be met.

    Digital Marketing

    We will work out a plan and strategy for you.

    Why should I advertise with my company Google Ads?

    The Google Advertising platform is the largest and fits almost every companies needs for advertisement. The platform has the most options and most control. This is honestly the best way for achieving the results a company is looking for in advertising. 

    You will have many more options where you advertise. For example: Have you ever seen those images on websites that advertise shoes or vacations you were just looking at? That is part of the display network which we also advertise on.
    Maybe you wish to advertise a newly created app?
    Or reach people on Gmail with your website? Don't forget Google Shopping and of course YouTube.

    We can easily create a Google Merchant Center account that links to your Google Ads account. Google Merchant Center allows us to add our products and many more options for partly free advertising on Google Shopping network and we can create paid Shopping campaigns.

    Technically it's not difficult if you know what needs to be done. There are always steps to be taken to reach the wanted results.
    Depending what market you're in and what we are advertising, will decide the time and effort to get the results.
    Now that said, there is always an opportunity for small, medium or large businesses.